How to Tackle Your Toilet

How to Tackle Your Toilet

It doesn’t discriminate. It happens to everyone. You know what I’m talking about – the infamous clogged toilet. Sometimes you’re left with exactly what you started with when you go to flush. As annoying as it is though, a clogged toilet doesn’t always have to result in call to your local plumber. There are several techniques you can try at home first.

#1. Ready for a Quick Save? The Tapping Trick.

As soon as you realize your toilet is having trouble flushing, tap forcefully on the back or side of the bowl with your foot. This might sound too easy, but many minor clogs can be dislodged in this manner if you catch them right as they are forming.

#2. The Cold Water “Jet” Tactic

Depending on the size of your toilet bowl, pour one or two gallons of cold water directly into the hole. The point here is to use the water like a jet and hopefully remove the clog. Be careful that you don’t splash yourself or the floor though!

#3. The Baking Soda & Vinegar Technique

This technique is best tried before any excess water is added to a toilet, so as not to dilute the chemical reaction. Baking soda and vinegar has been known to unclog drains, and it stands to reason that the two can handle toilets too. Pour one cup of each into the bowl and hope for the best.

#4. The Dish Soap & Hot Water Method

Another option that receives some success is pouring ¼ cup of your favorite dish soap into the bowl along with some hot water. Make sure you pour the dish soap in first and wait for it to spread and lubricate the blockage – then you can pour in the hot water. Remember, don’t use boiling water! It could damage (even crack!) your toilet … and then you’d have a much bigger mess to clean up.

#5. Go Traditional – The Plunger

Although somewhat crude and many times slightly messy, the toilet plunger is still one of the most effective ways to unblock a toilet. Rather than pumping the plunger up and down vigorously though, try pushing it down slowly and then popping it back up quickly. If you don’t do it this way, you might just compact the blockage even more.

#6. As a Last Resort: The Snake Auger.

If all else fails, purchase a small snake auger. This tool can be threaded down into the pipe and then rotated to help drill through any blockages. This is more time consuming and messy than any of the previously mentioned ideas, but it does have an extremely high success rate.

If none of these techniques work, your plumbing issue is a bit more serious than a minor clog. It’s time to call your local plumber for assistance. Get your issue resolved by calling CityWIDE! Our quick and friendly plumbers can be reached at (770) 872-0867.