When a sewage system is installed in a home or on the street, engineers and construction workers will build the sewage pipes on a varying degree of elevations to allow solids and liquids to move down a line using the power of gravity. However, the assistance of gravity is a benefit that cannot always be achieved when constructing a sewage system. But another force is needed to help move effluent uphill, away from the home, and into the main sewer system. This man made force is known as: a sewage pump or sewage ejector.

After years of use or the disposal of potentially damaging objects down your drains, sewage ejectors may become clogged or broken. When your sewage pump stops working, effluent has the potential of overflowing and leaking into your basement. It is recommended that you have a certified plumber inspect and maintain your sewage pump once a year to prevent the likelihood of a plumbing emergency in the future. Give CityWIDE Plumbing a call today and we will send one of certified plumbers to inspect, maintain, repair, or replace your sewage ejector for a reasonable price.

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