You Might be a Plumber If...

You Might be a Plumber If...

Faster that a flushing toilet! More powerful than the clog of a drain! Able to tighten a bolt in a single turn! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s your local plumber! While they don’t where a cape or a mask, plumbers are heroes to us here at CityWIDE Plumbing & Drain Service when they save hundreds of families from the threat of clogs, leaks and dysfunctional plumbing. Some may not think of plumbers as highly as we do, but when your toilet begins to overflow or a pipe in your home suddenly bursts you may think of them as heroes too.

While some of us would love to instantly change into jean overalls in a telephone booth and become an experienced plumber, it’s only a pipe dream. So what classifies a person as a true plumbing hero?

Conditions for Becoming a True Plumbing Hero

  • You have been trained in the art of the auger, a technique familiar only to certain citizens of Acworth;
  • You are an honorary member of the Plumbers and Steamfitters Union alongside renowned genius Albert Einstein;
  • You can disassemble and reassemble a toilet blindfolded;
  • Your favorite movie is Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho because it was the first Hollywood film to ever show a flushing toilet;
  • Your goal in life is to maintain and protect the plumbing world as we know it, for the good of humanity;
  • And, your dream is to one day work for a state-famous plumbing company.

In reality, every plumber should be polite, well-trained, accountable, timely, professional and passionate about what they do. CityWIDE Plumbing & Drain Service hires only plumbers with the best of integrity and skill. If you hold these same values, the necessary skills, and maybe a cape, CityWIDE would love to welcome you into its band of plumbing heroes. Contact us today to learn more.