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How often do I need to check up on my septic tank?

People typically never think about septic tank cleaning until something goes wrong with it. But septic tank failure is easily preventable if the tank is cleaned every now and again. The frequency of septic pumping depends on both the size of your tank, and the number of occupants in your household. Together these two factors will determine how often your septic needs a pumping. On average we suggest every three to four years. Another thing to keep in mind when considering having your septic serviced, is if you tend to dump a lot of food waste through a garbage disposal. In order to avoid a costly accident, error on the side of having your septic serviced too much.

Who should be responsible for pumping a septic tank?

Septic pumping should be done by a professional, and can be very dangerous if homeowners attempt to clean it themselves. However, there are precautions that every homeowner should take to prevent their septic tank from getting clogged or dirty. Most precautions are commonsense, and some of these include not throwing coffee grounds, facial tissues, cigarette butts, cooking fats, and other non-decomposable objects down household drains, toilets, or sinks. Grease has a tendency to build up and clog the tank, and good quality toilet paper breaks down easily when wet avoiding a dirt build-up that can move into the septic tank itself.

Why is septic system maintenance important?

There are three main reasons why septic system maintenance is so important. The first reason is money. New septic systems are expensive to replace or repair. The cost of maintenance is far less than having to replace the entire system, even if maintenance costs arise every few years. The second and most important reason to maintain your system is for the health of your family, community, and the surrounding environment. Failing septic systems release untreated waste that contaminates nearby wells, groundwater, and drinking water sources. Any contact with untreated waste can pose serious health risks. The third reason is to maintain the economic health of your home and the community. Failing septic systems cause property values to decline, which causes building permits to be declined. It also pollutes public areas used for commercial or recreational activities.

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